ECSR conference in Prague


ECSR Prague 2023 (photo: Eliška Nosková)

The Institute of Sociology of the CAS in cooperation with the Department of Sociology of the Faculty of Arts of Charles University hosted the annual conference of the European Consortium for Sociological Research (ECSR) from Monday 18 September to Wednesday 20 September in Prague. The international conference was attended by 300 participants from many European countries, who presented their papers in 52 sessions. Empirically oriented studies in the fields of social stratification, sociology of the family, migration research and others were presented. The theme of the conference was "European societies in times of uncertainty".

Plenary lectures were given by Daniel Oesch (University of Lausanne), Nadia Steiber (University of Vienna), Richard Breen (Oxford University) and Alexi Gugushvili (University of Oslo). Daniel Oesch's lecture on Monday dealt with the decline in real incomes of the working class in Europe, while Nadia Steiber outlined the implications for family life and gender equality due to educational hypogamy. On Tuesday, Richard Breen presented his research on social mobility. On Wednesday, Alexi Gugushvili gave a talk on subjective perceptions of intergenerational mobility.